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Website Design Company London

Website Design Company London

2Creative Studios Web Design Agency is a high-end web design and development agency. We are situated in London and as a company we provide quality media services such as website design, website redesign, Joomla! site setup and customisation, e-letters, flash design, 3D design, stock photography services, logo design along with a wide range of technology solutions such as eCommerce web site, dynamic web site, shopping cart, CMS (Content Management System), back end development, theatre venue booking and box office system also be spoke website software development according to the client’s needs and search engine optimization (SEO). We also offer domain name registration, reliable web hosting services.

We are a web design agency that collaborates with the client to develop the strategy, vision, and creative solutions that build brand through extraordinary customer experiences. We work for all types and sizes of company, Small Business, Medium Business as well as Corporate Clients.


Website Design Packages
1 - Static Website Design

Static Web Design
Static Web Pages

  Professional bespoke design
  Branding and logo design
  Friendly support in the UK
  Domain & Hosting
  Online marketing advice
  Search Engine Friendly designs
  Submission to search engines
2 - Ecommerce Website Site Design

WebSite Design

  Add, modify, delete products
  Add, modify, delete pages
  Accept payment online
  User friendly, no IT skills required
  Search Engine Friendly designs
  Online marketing advice
  Submission to search engines
3 - Database Website Design Solutions

Web Design Solutions

  Content Management Systems
  PHP / mySQL, Flash / XML
  Dedicated developers
  Friendly support in the UK
  Search Engine Friendly designs
  Online marketing advice
  Submission to search engines
Request a Quote
Request a Quote
Request a Quote
Website Design Services In a nut shell
  Website design
  Website development
  E-commerce solutions
  Content Management System
  Flash design
  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  Banner Ads
  Logo Design
  Joomla! Web Site Customisation
  Web Hosting

Professional and affordable Website Design solutions in the UK


Search Engine Optimisation Services

We have a dedicated SEO team who specialise in purely:

Professional and affordable Website Design solutions in the UK

Professional bespoke web design and other internet solutions for your business.

Web Design in London, the UK and Worldwide

At 2Creative Studios Web Design Agency we specialise in developing cost-effective and tailored web sites for all sizes of businesses and individuals all over the UK and overseas.

For us your geographic location isn't a limitation, whether you are in the UK or overseas, contact us with your requirements.

We offer a broad range of internet, graphics, programming and imaging services

Whether you need a one page web site, dynamic online catalogue, custom online booking system or a fully-featured ecommerce web site to sell your products online, 2Creative Studios Web Design Agency can provide an affordable web site, according to your requirements with an attractive design and pricing.

Website Design

What exactly is website design?

The intent of web design is to create a web site, a collection of electronic files that reside on a web server/servers and present content and interactive features/interfaces to the end user in form of web pages once requested.

Typically web pages are classified as static or dynamic.

Static pages don’t change content and layout with every request unless a human (web master/programmer) manually updates the page.

Dynamic pages adapt their content and/or appearance depending on end-user’s input/interaction or changes in the computing environment (user, time, database modifications, etc.) Content can be changed on the client side (end-user's computer) by using client-side scripting languages (JavaScript, JScript, Action script, etc.) to alter DOM elements (DHTML). Dynamic content is often compiled on the server utilizing server-side scripting languages (Pearl, PHP, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, etc.)

Why 2Creative Studios Web Design Agency?

Because we believe website design is usually the first stage of a project. At this point, the project is just layers of pixels within a graphics program. The first goal to achieve at this stage is to create a design with visual appeal. Web design is about much more than creating a design that is fresh and appealing. Any web site that is to become successful as a sales and marketing tool needs to be intuitive and easy to use for first-time and repeat visitors.

Studies reveal that it takes as little as 50 milliseconds for a browser to decide whether they like a web site. So if your web site doesn't look good, the chances are it is not reaching its sales potential. At 2Creative Studios Web Design Agency once we created a website design we also take into account that a web site that is truly successful needs to meet all the following:

  • Web Site should clearly show what your company has to offer
  • If your company offers a large number of products, services the most important should be prominently displayed
  • The site's navigation(s) need to be clear and easy to reach
  • Contact details need to be clearly visible
  • Online sales pages need to be simplistic and easy to use
  • Website should not be cluttered with useless or marginal information
  • Text should be inviting to read

It all may sound simple, but how many web sites do you see that follow the above conditions while looking good at the same time? Of course we do understand that not all web sites need to meet some/all of these aspects, sometimes web sites need to be more art than sales.

Many web sites suffer from lack of design variation, a lack of imagination and/or development ability. But do not worry leave it all to us, if you wish you can provide full specifications, or none at all for your project. If you don't want to go into technical details of setting up your online web site venture, you may leave the entire process to us. All you need to do is, supply the text and images you wish to include and we will create a high quality web site for you. Supported by our creative digital artwork skills, a broad knowledge of media technologies, programming languages and proper Search Engine Optimisation. Whether you need a logo design, graphic design, website design, website redesign, web site upgrade, web site maintenance contract, e-letter or flash design, we will create high quality work for your business within an efficient timescale.

What We Offer

Your web site is important to us. This is why we take time to understand not only your aims but also exactly what you do. Every client's needs are different, and because we recognise this it means that we are able to design a solution that will be tailored specifically to your requirements.

We can provide you with our full range of services that include web design and development, logo design, web hosting, domain name registration, search engine positioning, pay-per-click campaign management and more.

We work with:

  • Brand new businesses and charities looking for their first web site
  • Existing organisations looking for their second or third generation web site
  • Companies looking for help in recovering failed website development projects from other website design agencies.

Brochure Web Sites (Static Website Design)

We will be able to build you the perfect brochure web site. We have designed a large number of web sites, each being as unique as the organisation requesting it. You can see some of our samples in our web design portfolio.

Each solution we prepare will be custom-designed and custom-written exclusively for you. There will be no website templates used, rather we will build a unique website design based solely upon your design and functionality requirements and of course our creative flair. Our design process is iterative which means that you can be assured that you’ll love the web site that we build for you.

Typically, brochure web sites might include a few pages about your organisation and what you do, a contact form and a section for latest news and events.

Whatever you require, you can be assured that we’ll be certain to provide you with the perfect solution.

Online Store Solutions (E-Commerce Website Design)

We can develop custom-written e stores that are unique to each client as well as ready built ones.

Our ecommerce web sites are modular in approach, which has two main advantages. First, the store becomes extremely easy to extend. If for example in six months a new feature is required it can be added without having to rebuild the whole web site and the whole e store. Secondly, features can be added and removed from the e store build as required. For example, some web sites might want a currency converter, others a unique payment process, and others still an affiliate program - all of these can be facilitated to create the perfect solution for your requirements.

Typical features for our ecommerce web site solutions:

  • Complete self-management of all products, categories, orders, shipping calculations, etc.
  • Search-engine friendly design using our exceptional custom-prepared solution
  • Featured products for the home page and category pages
  • Related products to facilitate up-selling opportunities
  • Customers also bought’ products, automatically calculated again to facilitate up-selling opportunities
  • Stock management facilities, including out-of-stock settings and back-orders
  • Shipping calculation management using whatever method is desired
  • Automated generation of site map files for inclusion in to Google, Yahoo and MSN Live.
  • Customer profile, order history, order status tracking and personalised emailing system.
  • Integration with a payment provider such as Protx, HSBC, Barclaycard ePDQ, WorldPay, NetBanx, PayPal and Google Checkout.

For a complete ecommerce web site you will need to accept credit cards for your online store, we can assist you with this too. We have experience of integrations with many of the leading merchant providers such as WorldPay and Protx.

If you need a quick and easy route to credit card acceptance, why not apply for a WorldPay merchant account. Alternatively, if you already have a merchant number for trading, we recommend Protx as the perfect partner for being able to integrate your existing merchant account with your new online store.

Custom Written Solutions (Bespoke Website Design)

If your needs are more specialist for an Internet-driven solution then look no further. We can help you developing tailor-made web site solutions. We are confident that we will be able to provide you with an outstanding custom solution that will meet all of your requirements.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We have developed many bespoke content management systems (CMS) that allow our clients to manage the content of their web site without any further intervention by a website designer, or any need to have knowledge in the fundamentals of web design.

Typical features of our CMS solutions:

  • Add, modify and delete menus and sub-menus
  • Add, modify and delete site content
  • Maintain a document and media library
  • Restrict content to registered site visitors only

Our cost-effective, extremely user-friendly and modular web design solutions are unique in their design and allow for the creation and management of complex arrangements of web site content. The content management system will be tailored to operate exactly as you require it, giving you total control over the content of your web site.

Joomla! Web Site Setup and Customisation

We can setup and customise your Joomla! web site in no time, with a unique design or a template of your choice.

Request a Quote

Talk to us direct. We are here to help you, to talk to you on a one to one basis until you are satisfied with your web design.

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Web Design Services

Search Engine Optimisation Services


Our Branded Box Office System. Sell tickets online with a powerfull Content Management System.


We make sure that you have a web hosting service that you can trust.


We provide domain name registration. We can supply any type of domain name.


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